The New School Way

Ingenhousz stands for connection,inspiration and focus. These three key words show what “The New School Way” means for us and for our guests. Be amazed  and encounter for yourself the unique experience at InHousz. 


Postzegel Dr.Jan Ingen-Housz

Professor Jan Ingenhousz

Dr Jan Ingenhousz discovered photosynthesis, the process used by plants, under the influence of light, to grow strong. Inspired by this method, we are of the opinion that everything that is placed in the light, and given the attention, will grow. Here at Ingenhuisz, working with focus and attention is working with passion. It's all about the attention to detail, and with the utmost care, developed and accomplished.


Kweekschool Ingenhousz

School of education

In 1917 the building was built as a cultivation school for the Brethren in Breda. The monastic community totaled 800 people. The former classrooms have been transformed into luxurious furnished suites. In view of the fact that The Ingenhousz building has monumental status, each suite has a different appearance, making each suite unique.


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